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Josie Gibson's Big Brother Blog : Post 8

Josie Gibson's Big Brother blog: Kimberly and Steven's wedding, Helen's change of heart and the BB final

Week 8: Kimberly and Steven tackle the outside world, Helen wins me over and the game plans begin
Hi guys! Everyone is going to turn into Paranoid Pete now we, the public, have got the power. They'll all be jumping to conclusions and watching out for each other now. It's great that we can finally get our wicked way! If I could get anyone out this week it would probably be Pav because he's so boring to watch. I do feel quite sorry for him though. Otherwise I would have to say Zoe.
I'm hoping to hear wedding bells from Kimberly and Steven [Wenn/Channel 5]
I'm hoping to hear wedding bells from Kimberly and Steven [Wenn/Channel 5] Steverly are out! It was time to wave bye to Steven last Friday and while I do like him, I was completely over Steverly in the house. I found him really cringy but I have to remind myself he is only 23. I think people were a bit hard on him considering how young he was.  As far as him and Kim are concerned, I do think they really, really love each other and I hope they last. Don't get me wrong, s*****ing in the house is not something I would do myself but they did it and they've apologised for it. Although, I don't miss Kimberly, she's like an android! She had no emotion at all. There was just nothing there. But here's hoping we get a Big Brother wedding. I do like to see people fall in love!
I'm not convinced Helen Wood and Ash Harrison can make it on the outside world [Wenn/Channel 5]
I'm not convinced Helen Wood and Ash Harrison can make it on the outside world [Wenn/Channel 5] Other house romances I'm shocked by how much I'm loving watching Helen and Ash get together. She's the female version of him and he's like the male version of her. But I'm not sure they would stick together in the outside world. I think they both might be too promiscuous.  Plus, his mum does not like her! I would LOVE to be a fly on the wall when Helen meets Ash's mum. Wouldn't it be great?! Mark needs to be careful with Christopher too. He's being quite insensitive towards him. He's wearing the trousers in the relationship and he thinks Christopher is his little lap dog and it could be his downfall when it comes to winning.
I'm struggling to admit it, but I am a fan of Helen these days [Channel 5]
I'm struggling to admit it, but I am a fan of Helen these days [Channel 5] Helen's a grower Do you know what's really annoying me? Helen's actually growing on me. I hate myself for liking her! She's changed so much. She has been a bully but she's realised how much of a nasty person she can be. I think the public will appreciate that too. She just doesn't think before she speaks does she? It's like verbal diarrhoea with her.  Related article: Josie Gibson reveals her honest thoughts on these shock Big Brother exits But we all learn stuff on Big Brother. It's a big learning curve and it strips you back to your bare personality. You can only put on a front for so long. I do think you come out of BB a totally different person.
I have to admit, Zoe isn't one of my favourite housemates... [Channel 5]
I have to admit, Zoe isn't one of my favourite housemates... [Channel 5] The newbies If they keep isolating Pav the way they have been he could be the underdog and win it. The poor bloke has done nothing wrong. They've just really made up their minds about him. Zoe I like but she's not my favourite. I think she belongs on the celebrity version as she already has a fan base. I find her a bit dull if I'm honest.
I fully support Ashleigh in the final, she's done a great job as a housemate! [Wenn]
I fully support Ashleigh in the final, she's done a great job as a housemate! [Wenn] The race to the final Now the final is a few weeks away people will start playing their game plan and will literally go to the ends of the Earth to win. They will argue, twist conversations and comments.  After watching my Big Brother back, I can see who did it in mine. I didn't pick up on it in the house at the time, I must've been in my own little bubble. You have to remember £100k is a lot of money. I'd sell my own mother for that!  I think little Chris is one to watch as we approach the finishing line. He gets in that Diary Room and it's like he's trying to win an Oscar or something. He's proper going for it! And Ashleigh needs to be kept an eye on too. But I do like her – she's so young and so strong. She's been a great housemate. If I had to predict the final it would be little Chris, Ashleigh and Mark. But there's not one person where I think, 'I really want them to win'. I know it sounds horrible!

Josie Gibson's Big Brother Blog : Post 7

Josie Gibson's Big Brother blog: Kimberly's shock exit, Mark and Christopher's budding romance and Bianca's eviction.

Week 7: Kimberly makes an unexplained shock exit, Ash and Helen take their romance to the next level and Danielle gets the boot. Hey guys!  What subject shall we start with first? I don't know where to start! 
Josie Gibson was shocked Steven didn't walk after Kimberly's exit [Channel 5]
Josie Gibson was shocked Steven didn't walk after Kimberly's exit [Channel 5]
What the hell has happened to Kimberly?
Does anybody know why she's actually left? Are we going to have a Big Brother baby?  I'm surprised Steven hasn't walked. I honestly thought he'd walk.  The whole time he's been saying, 'If you go, I'm going to go'. Well why haven't you gone?  Related article: Josie Gibson reveals her thoughts on Armageddon week
Sorry, but if I was that in love with somebody in the house and they were in hospital and I didn't know why…I don't know how he's staying there. Your Mrs is in hospital, mate, and you're still sat there! Unless they've been having conversations and we don't know about it. 
The former BB star was sad to see Bianca leave [Channel 5]
The former BB star was sad to see Bianca leave [Channel 5] Bianca and Danielle's exit I think I was the only person in the nation who was gutted to see Bianca go. I was distraught that she left.  I've never laughed so hard at an eviction in my life – I was crying! I thought she was quality.  I think that was a mistake letting her go. I like Zoe, but there's no one outrageous in there now. As for Danielle, it was annoying watching her – everything she did annoyed me. I thought she was a negative influence on the house. I don't like anybody who tries to undermine the viewers, you cannot lie to the viewers. They see everything.
Josie think Mark and Christopher will get it on in the house [Channel 5]Mark and Christopher's budding romance  Are they not the cutest couple ever?! I really want them to get together. I think Mark and him are the sweetest ever.  Christopher wasn't that confident when he went in, but he's really blossomed. I think they really do love each other.  I think things will happen while they're in the house. I think they won't be able to stop themselves.  And Ash and Helen – I think they genuinely really really like each other.  But the thing is, you never really know if you truly love someone until you get out the house. Until you know who they are and what they are.  I know from first hand experience. I was totally besotted in the house. 
Josie Gibson thinks Big Brother's Ash Harrison and Helen Wood have had sex in the house [Channel 5]
Josie Gibson thinks Big Brother's Ash Harrison and Helen Wood have had sex in the house [Channel 5] If I was Big Brother for a day… I would put Kimberly's boyfriend in the house. I'd also get Bianca back in there. And do you know what? I really couldn't stand Helen, but I'm getting to quite like her. Slowly she's coming around.  She's never been a fake, she's real. But I think she should be more honest about her relationship with Ash.  I reckon they've definitely had sex.  

Josie Gibson's Big Brother Blog : Post 6

Josie Gibson's Big Brother blog: Kimberly and Steven shock, budding new romances and new housemates

Week 6: Kimberly Kisselovich and Steven Goode go all out, Mark Byron and Christopher Hall melt hearts and Danielle McMahon's game is foiled Hey guys! I have no idea where to start this week! I'm not going to lie – I was not enjoying the show to start with, but I'm actually loving it again now. Relationships are starting to build and it's great fun to watch.
I was sad to see Jale go but she did look beautiful in her frock [Channel 5]
I was sad to see Jale go but she did look beautiful in her frock [Channel 5]
Sad to see Jale go
I honestly thought Jale would make it to the final, so I was really shocked to see her go on Friday. She looked gorgeous but gutted, bless her. I think people were keen to keep Ashleigh in the hosue, as she answered back to Helen – although they're more than friendly now, which could spell trouble for the future.
Seriously, do they know cameras can see in the dark?!  [Channel 5]
Seriously, do they know cameras can see in the dark?! [Channel 5]
Kimberly and Steven under the bed sheets
I finally got my Big Brother bonk! And you know what? The most shocking thing about it all – after the mash, that is – is that Kimberly had a proper sweat on afterwards.
She didn't even do any work! She just laid there like a sack of spuds. Someone's got to teach that girl how to grind. I was about to hand over my 'Randy Mare' title, but not yet darling.
I'm sure they don't think we can see them, either. There's no remorse which is just a bit odd as Kim is usually so aware of everything! Although, to be honest, once you lay flat on your back in front of the entire nation, your image is completely gone anyway.
I do think they've proper fallen for one another though, despite it being a bit cringe (the prenup convo nearly knocked me over the edge).
And if they love each enough they can last in the outside world – although Steven might push her away. He seems like he can be quite controlling.
I didn't see this one coming but they're proper cute together [Channel 5]
I didn't see this one coming but they're proper cute together [Channel 5]
New romance?
Mark and Christopher have just come out of nowhere, but how cute?! I was really shocked and it's quite a cute little affair.
I don't think they would have necessarily got together in the outside world but they are cute. And they're friends, which is the important thing.
Danielle McMahon literally couldn't annoy me more [Channel 5]
Danielle McMahon literally couldn't annoy me more [Channel 5]
Infuriating Danielle
Danielle is just one big act and if you're going to do that, at least be good at it! Everything about her is SO false – it really infuriates me. I just don't think you'll ever see her true colours. 
She thinks people are stupid but the viewers can see right through her. She's undermining people who are watching and she hasn't got a chance in hell of winning.
I think we can expect some fireworks this week too, especially now Ashleigh – who she likes all to herself – is buddying up with Helen.
Ashleigh will be in trouble if she continues being friends with Helen [Channel 5]
Ashleigh will be in trouble if she continues being friends with Helen [Channel 5]
Armageddon week
I'm SO excited! I can't wait to meet the new housemates. I'm hoping they're not wannabes and are a good variety of normal people.
Do you know what I would love though? If they put Helen's rival in, Jenny. I know I sound like a real wrong person but that would be brilliant. And Kimberly's boyfriend would be even better! 
I don't even know what to say – it would make such good TV!

Josie Gibson's Big Brother Blog : Post 5

Josie Gibson's Big Brother blog: Fake Big Brother romances, Ashleigh Coyle comes out of her shell and why Ash Harrison should go

Week 5: Ashleigh Coyle turns into a BB b****, Danielle MacMahon stresses me out and Ash Harrison should be evicted ....... Hey guys! Unfortunately, I think Big Brother has got it wrong this year. Show producers have put in too many negative and strong-willed people and the show's just not funny enough. Mark's the only one who makes me laugh every now and then. It's just my opinion, but we need more fun personalities – this lot are too serious because of the whole Power Trip thing. There have been too many arguments and I enjoy a series that makes me laugh. It's a very negative house. Catch my latest thoughts on the show in my first video blog above! Caution - there are some words of a sexual nature in there...
Ash Harrison should have got the boot last Friday [Wenn/Channel 5] Ash should have gone I don't think Matthew deserved to go. But seriously, what's with his eyebrows!?  I'm really weird – I've got a thing for men with twitches and I found it quite sexy! I love quirky little things about people but when he got out those power brows were going f***ing nuts! They must be tattooed, on which put me off a bit. Really Ash should've gone home for his Jale 'slug' comment, but a good-looking guy in BB can get away with murder. It's interesting to watch Ash now he has figured out that he's getting booed because of Helen. All of a sudden he doesn't fancy her? But you've been saying you have for the whole series, mate! Bit of a game move if you ask me. That said, did you hear what his mum said on the eviction show? She said Helen wouldn't be welcome in her house! Imagine if he really likes her?! She'll have to win Mum right round. That did make me laugh!
I just couldn't take my eyes off Matthew Davies' eyebrows! [Wenn/Channel 5] Not so little Ashleigh When Ashleigh turned into a little b**** I loved it! She's a girl that can really get what she wants. She'll go really far in life. She worked it and got her way.  Related article: Josie Gibson chats Big Brother newbies Also, I think that Ashleigh – who let's remember is just 18 – handled the chanting really well. If I was her, I think I would have had a nervous breakdown. One bit of me thinks 'you sneaky little cow,' and the other bit of me really respects her.
I'm not sure whether to love or hate Ashleigh at the moment [Wenn/Channel 5]  BB romances Danielle has made an absolute beeline for Winston, rubbing him up under the table and all sorts! But I'm REALLY sick of her goody-goody persona. It's really getting on my t**s. One minute she's been on loads of dates, the other minute she's never said the word willy in her life. Get a grip! She doesn't know who she is any more. I think Steven and Kimberly really like each other too, but it's not a romance I love watching. It hasn't hooked me at all. They're very aware of their surroundings and don't know how to let themselves go and have a laugh. I know from my experience that it's really easy to have a partner in the house. You spend every minute of the day with these people and your feelings get strong quickly.  It's like being trapped on a dessert island with someone – you'll probably find them attractive in the end! And although when I was in the BB house I just went into my own bubble, I understand why they're holding back. Being in there is a totally different experience to when you're out.  For me, I had a lovely relationship and when we got out we realised we were totally different people and that we didn't like each other at all. 
This is a showmance if ever I saw one [Wenn/Channel 5]  My nominations If I was in the Big Brother house Danielle and Helen would be my top choice to go. I'm sick of Danielle's 'good girl' act. Grow up! We've seen you glamour modelling! She infuriates me. I don't like game players or false people.  Helen just always has something to say. She's nearly 30 and it looks like she's only just learning how to treat people with respect. I cannot believe how judgemental she is considering her past, either. How she's got the sheer audacity to judge anyone ever is beyond me. She couldn't even make people laugh on a task! What is wrong with you? She's very negative. I just want some laughs and giggles!
Helen Wood is just too negative and selfish, it's time she got put up for eviction! [Wenn/Channel 5]

Closer Magazine ~ 8th July 2014

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Fabulous Magazine ~ 6th July 2014

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Josie Gibson's Big Brother Blog : Post 4

Josie Gibson's Big Brother Blog: Helen Wood's too aggressive, Ashleigh Coyle's a ticking time bomb and the house romance we didn't expect

By Monday 30 Jun 2014
Week 4: Ashleigh Coyle is ready to kick-off, Helen Wood's aggressive behaviour becomes too much and Marlon Wallen bags himself an unexpected romance 
Hey guys!
Things are getting a bit more positive in the house this week which is a great relief. I totally agreed with Mark when he kicked off after ANOTHER one of Helen's rows. There was an episode when they all finally cracked a smile and jumped into the pool together. It was really nice to see them all enjoy themselves. But as the house is full of naturally negative people, the tense situation was going to be inevitable.
I found myself disappointed over Toya's behaviour in the end [Wenn/Channel 5]
Toya Washington is out
She was my favourite at the start but I am glad that she went. Despite from being 'Hurricane Toya', she made this one comment that really annoyed me. She was mocking Marlon for working as an optician when that's actually a really good job. My brother is one!
All this stuff like 'I have a law degree' and 'I'm a presenter' is really stupid. No one likes a show off. Looking down your nose at people isn't a good quality.
Helen Wood is ridiculously loud and aggressive [Wenn/Channel 5]
Helen the bully
Helen has got herself into lots of trouble this week and to be brutally honest, she's just acomplete b***h. She doesn't care about anyone's feelings. It's all about me me me. 
If I was in the house with her we'd either be really good friends or arch enemies, there would be no in-between. I wouldn't be threatened but I can understand why people would be.
If you back down to someone like her she'll walk all over you. She's that person that if you give her an inch she'll take a mile. She's a bully.
Ash needs to watch his back too, although, his head is so far up her a*** he can't see things properly. Calling Jale a slug was not on.
Ash Harrison will have no troubles in and outside the house thanks to his good looks. Weird but true! [Wenn/Channel 5]
He does really likes Helen though so I don't think he'll be backing away anytime soon.
Although, handsome men usually get away with anything in the Big Brother house. It's really weird but they can!
Unexpected house romance
I'm loving Marlon and Jale's relationship! They proper love each other don't they?! Kimberly and Steven make me cringe, Ash and Helen are just argh but they proper get each other. I love it!
I'm loving Jale at the moment! I've proper warmed up to her [Wenn/Channel 5]
New housemates please!
I loved my new housemates when I was in the BB house and this year we could really do with some fun ones to lighten up the mood. I'm just sick of the rows. I'm going to bed in a bad mood!
They'll completely mix up the dynamics but I do remember finding myself getting quite territorial. It's really weird as it is your home and it's like you're opening it up to new people.
We are family
It's week four now and everyone should be feeling like family. You spend every minute of every day together so you form bonds really quickly. 
All those people that have been lying low start showing off their real personalities too which is why we need to keep an eye on Ashleigh.
There will definitely be fireworks this weeks with the girls in power and Ashleigh is a little ticking time bomb. When she goes, it's going to go off!
This one isn't going to make things easy while the girls are in power that's for sure [Wenn/Channel 5]