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Josies New book Love Food out on 31st December 2015

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Josie will guide you through a simple plan for losing weight based on the natural food

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Josie is going to be Busy filming for her new DVD (DVD NUMBER 2) which will be out in time for xmas 2013

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Three 20-minute workouts build in intensity from Level 1 to Level 3

Josie Gibson - This Morning - 16 MAR 2018

The celebrity fitness DVD: exposed! Are they just one big scam?

Celebrities have recently come under fire for supposedly “lying” and “scamming” their fans with their top-selling weight-loss DVDs. So are celebrity fitness DVDs a realistic way to drop a dress size, or are we just being fooled?
Reality star Josie Gibson and weather presenter Clare Nasir are here to lift the lid on what it’s really like to release your own fitness DVD, while former Gladiator and fitness expert Jenny Pacey tells us why she thinks that celeb fitness DVDs don’t work long term and are a complete waste of time.

Celeb dinner date special

Josie Gibson - bbotts - 17th July 2017

part 1 part 2 part 3 part 4

Josie Gibson - bbotts - 28th June 2017